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some notions about love

Some important notions about love
Above all, learn to feel the love inside yourself and learn who to give it to.
Examine the roads which philosophy and history walked in order to bring us more consciousness about every aspect of life. Love the arts. Take care of your body, do not overcharge it. Chair it with your chosen one. Do not let negative emotions enter your relationships with people. Chair and enjoy friendship and love...spice it with humor and don't wish for the impossible, relativate...even in times of passion. If you do not choose for each other in time...it wasn't meant to be at that episode in your life.
Trying to understand the laws of love isn't always a question of using all that science has to offer us. We are not together just because we live in eachother neighbourhood or because we met unther certain circumstances. We attract one another because we attract the difficulties that can take us further on the pad of understanding the meaning of life. Those who really don't seem to have a long way to go in their personal growth sometimes seem to attract the hardest difficulties...which in itself is a very deep aspect of love.
Love uses us to teach us to make us aware of the differences between people.
Love uses us to further the story of those who came befor us, even befor we were born. One cannot write down a standardised theory on this because the more you get the picture, the harder it is to communicate about it.
Some people do not live together because they are to close together or because others need them more for their growth. In times of conflict between people, everyone seems to think they themselves are the only perfect human beiings.
Somethimes one must avoid difficult confrontations, other times they cannot but occur. Just like the big-bang-principle...'something unther pressure must explode'...we depend on that same old basic law...even in our relations.
Everything and everybody is always the result of the things that happened befor them. We react in respons to the environment and our genetical mixture as well. Even our family-ties are getting more and more mixed, which often isn't a facilatation. It's the outcome of different components. Somethimes things go wrong because of to much stress in this production and profit-based society or stress in ourselves. It wasn't ideal in the old times where religion was more important then philosophy. Still we find it to difficult to support the idea that our man or women 'has' somebody else. Whether in bed, whether in a purely spiritual, platonic way...we do get yealous fast. The reasons why people get to get really close to each other often has very deep reasons, one cannot understand eaisily as a third person. Somethimes it is easy to understand when the motives are wrong : money-making is the worst reason possible. When the reasons for looking for another partner are sex or adventure...the outcome often goes in the wrong direction as personal hapiness on a long term is concerned. When it's about making babies...you cannot stop it...the ones are ment to walk the earth shall. Falling in love and divorce...the reasons can go back generations. Life sends some of us on many pads to enjoy, to learn, to learn not to take revenche, to learn not to envy, dominate... . We look for company to learn about this life-game. In fact, what we are looking for is to discover how we can find peace in ourselves through others and ourselves. This proces goes further then the things that the physical part of love has to offer us. This proces not only has a theoretical aspect, we practice thes things every day.
When we find ourselves cut of of our husband, wife, children; whatever the different reasons, our future aspirations seem to be clouded. We start tryiing to become happy once again. In fact we want to return to the uncumplicated happiness of the past. Then we somethimes meet someone to help us forget our feeling of loneliness or guilt. When it does not work some of us can more easily let go and forgive and continue our own life once again. In every situation the other relations we have with all those surounding us, play their influencial part as well. When we 'forget' to choose for those who we really like we somethimes find ourselve cut of from our own energy. Then we stick around in our unsolved things in life and nothing really positive opens up. When in a couple one of the two cannot let go of some negative feelings or circumstances, the other ones is forced to waste a lot of his or hers own energy...often for very little in return. The one with the most unsolved problems must then learn to accept his or hers life like it is. If both manage to cultivate a happy feeling about life and the personal circumstances...then only real progres and happiness open up. If someone is unther heavy fire of the negative emotions of others, that person must learn to obtain a kind of indifferent balance in interacting, otherswise one is doomed to unthergo the negative moods of the other.
With 'indifferent balance' is not meant one doesn't care any more about the other.
It's just away towards arriving in better times and not starting unnecessary arguments.
Once a third person enters the relationship one will notice that, however monogame one stays, one tends to begin feeling guilty about the wellbeiing of the original partner if one is not careful in observing ones own feelings and the real situation of the original couple. One must then learn to understand which stories of life click with which person. This can take a very long time and in the mean while often a lot of things happen with a lot of people, just to help us to understand what's goiing on.
In order to understand the whole picture in such a proces we must understand the relationships of those who played important roles in our life and they themselves as humùan beiings...who are they really, what do they represent in our life...what is our symbolic meaning in the life of others ?
Two people who do not feel well together any more, start the proces of opening themselves towards others, whether friends or a lover. It seems as if people with the opposite characteristics attract each other in a first stage of life. They themselves and their children can learn from it or can be damaged by it.
Our psychological condition often seems to influence our biological fitness.
One has to start loving others by loving oneself, by grapping the joy inside of you, you can pass it to others. Loneliness can eat you. Joy will guide you on the long road of life and everywhere it takes us to understand the meanings of it.
Somethimes we will have to wait untill others become more skilled in managing their own positive evolution. They might even hurt us meanwhile... . Sometimes one has to be gratefull that one has to bare a lot, because it can contribute to understanding one's own road...but somethimes enough is enough.
Stronger then 'dead' itself, is having collected so much wisdom in once life, that one becomes free of fear of 'losing'...then one gets a very good feeling.
One can discover the one we really are when one realises the possibility of every time finding solutions to problems...as if one is guided by a strong force inside us.
One must always filter the enormous influence of everyone surrounding us.
Then, when one feels really good, the light can shine on the three in front of our house and one sees it painting it's shadow through our window on the wall. One watches the three dancing on the wall...without a good feeling we neglect all this.
We are like marbles and our past plays a game with us. Which game ? That is what we will have to find out for ourselves and others. The degree of consciousness we reach, tries to shine on others. Some try to make us play a role in a film with a lower degree of consciousness then we were really ment for. We then must continue believing in our own way of living life. That's what real faith is all about.
Our quality of observing life must grow. Learning how to balance between the energy of others. We must learn how to combine love, solidarity and other positive emotions in interacting with others. Life is like a piece of art played by different interacting artists, actors often played on the theme of 'these, anti-these and synthese'.
A fragment always calls an anti-fragment into life. Like when we have children, none is the same, each correspondents to a certain evolution in our lifes.
We should try to wish what's best for others. A lot of good evolutions can emerge from this. One cannot explain human behaviour only by basing oneself on the theory that we humans only interact, basing ourself on some of our selfisch genes.
When you meet people, try to really understand them befor you decide to put a great deal of effort in 'helping' them...especially if they don't take some important steps for themselves vy themselves. If you want to have a long life, chose a partner that does not suit you...minutes will pass like hours then.
The earth...concentration-camp or garden of Eden ? When you look above all dimmensions of life, you will learn to observe it's laws, it' s humour and drama.

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